Motorcycle Safety

A different season means different dangers for motorcyclists

 Fall is a wonderful time to be outside on your bike, thanks to the crisp, cool weather and changing colors of the landscape. Staying safe on the road in autumn requires some special precautions. We at the Insurance Center of Milwaukee want you to be around to enjoy the beauty of the open road, even in the Fall, so we’ve put together some great tips for you.

Be vigilant about visibility

When Fall rolls around, the days are getting shorter, which means your late-afternoon ride can turn into an evening ride very quickly. Carry proper reflective gear, along with replacement bulbs, and any other basic equipment that can help ensure your visibility. Keep in mind that the sun is lower in the sky, so the glare may make it harder for you to see the road – and for other drivers to see you.

Keep cool, but not too cool

In Wisconsin, conditions can change quickly. Even on a warm day, a cold night might be just an hour or two away. So pack your cold-weather gear when you head out, and beware of frost and ice on roadways – particularly on bridges.

Consider the conditions

Roads in the Fall can present a number of dangers. Rain can make roads slick, and standing water can cause you to hydroplane or lose control. Lower temperatures can bring frost, ice, or even snow.  Those beautiful autumn leaves can be a hazard when they start to fall off the trees and onto the road as well.

Beware of deer

Fall also brings an increase in deer activity, so be extra vigilant, particularly in rural areas. Deer tend to be most active around dawn and dusk when visibility can be limited. Pay attention to deer crossing signs and always be alert to your surroundings.

Fall can be one of the best times to ride, but also one of the most dangerous. So take a little extra care and maybe a little extra time. Doing so will help you stay safe while you take in the scenery.

Other safety resources

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation ( is a great resource to learn more about safety gear and motorcycling in general, as is the American Motorcyclist Association ( Remember, we’re here to help too! If you have questions about insurance coverage for your bike, or want more safety resources, give us a call at 414-744-6614 or email !