Classic Car Shows

Make the most of a classic car show

My wife and I attended a classic car show at St Elizabeth Ann Seton in New Berlin, WI last Sunday.  I started to think about the variety of these antique autos – there are as many unique vehicles as there are unique owners.  The shows can be unique as well.  Classic car shows are held all across the country, from small rural towns to large metropolitan areas, and they draw classic car enthusiasts from near and far.  Some people attend classic car shows as spectators to check out unique and rare vehicles. Others go to connect with fellow car buffs, show off their prized possession, or some attend shows to shop/sell.

Whether you’re planning to shop, sell, show, or just go, here are some tips for making the most of a classic car show.

  •  Family fun. Larger classic car shows typically feature entertainment, food vendors, raffles, and more. You can bring the whole family for a day of fun.  St Elizabeth Ann Seton held the car show as part of their Funfest weekend, which featured live entertainment, food, drink, kid’s games, etc.
  • Plan. In particular, make sure you’re aware of the hours for check-in.
  • Be the early bird. If you’re entering your automobile in a competition, sign up early. Most shows are limited to a certain number of entries.
  • Know the value.  If you are planning to sell or buy, you should be well versed on the values of the vehicles and the market conditions. Buying or selling a car can be an emotion-driven experience and knowing the facts is essential to get the best deal.
  • Need parts? Some larger car shows also feature a swap meet. Research the show and take note of car accessories and parts you might need.
  • Pack a bag. Be prepared to get the most out of the day by bringing along what you might need for the weather (from coats to sunscreen) and for your basic needs (from water to snacks).

Whatever your reason for attending your next classic car show, we at the Insurance Center of Milwaukee hope these pointers will ensure you make the very most of it.