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Shovel Snow Safely

Shovel snow safely this winter

Winter is here, and with it comes many traditions and activities: Holiday celebrations with loved ones in Bay View Milwaukee, skiing at the local ski hill, fireplace-lit living rooms, homemade batches of soup… …and shoveling snow.

If you live somewhere in Wisconsin when snow storms hit and your driveway/sidewalks are covered with the cold white stuff, you might want to just stay inside. But if your work and personal commitments make that impossible, you’ll need to dig out the snow shovel to make sure it’s handy before the snow flies!

For many people across Wisconsin, snow shoveling will be both a reality and a necessity this winter. At the Insurance Center of Milwaukee, we want to ensure your efforts will get you on your way while also keeping you safe, so here are some snow-shoveling tips offered by the Boston Herald:
• Warm-up! Never jump right into an activity. Start by cleaning off your car.
• Place your hands a good distance apart on the shovel – it helps with leverage.
• Never bend at your waist.
• Push the snow when you can.
• Scoop smaller loads of snow.
• Use your legs, core and arms to help scoop and throw snow.
• Always step in the direction you throw snow to avoid excessive twisting on your lower back.

If snow shoveling is on your winter task list, we at the Insurance Center of Milwaukee wish you both a clear sidewalk and a healthy body.